5 Best Seated Electric Scooters In 2019

Not everyone wants to tool around on an electric scooter standing on a small deck. It can be hard on the back and feet and very tiring. For some, it also might seem somewhat unstable.

That’s why those folks should look into electric scooters that have seats! With the comfort of sitting down, electric scooters are open to even more folks who want to try this new style of travel.

Seated electric scooters provide much better stability and comfort than the normal standing electric scooters. It allows for a much longer run time. If you have a longer commute or have physical difficulties, a seated electric scooter would be a great choice for your personal vehicle!

This is a list of 5 very different electric scooters with seats. Some are much cheaper than the others, and some have a great deal of power. Take a look and see if one of these is the right scooter for you!

NanRobot D5+ 2000W Electric Scooter

Nanrobot D5

Upscale. Deluxe. Luxury. Modern.

All of these words can be used to describe the NanRobot D5+, NanRobot’s latest entry in to the electric scooter market.

Building off the D4+ listed below, the D5+ goes longer and faster than most of the other scooters on this list. With two independent 1000w motors controlling the front and rear wheels, you get the collective power that comes with such a massive power investment.

What does this mean? How about 40 mph of driving speed? Not only that, but a range of up to 50 miles means that this scooter can be used heavy-duty all day long without running out of juice.

This is the cheaper, more eco-friendly option to a motorcycle for anyone wanting independence in their personal transportation options.

There’s 6 shock absorbers that provide massive comfort to any ride no matter what the terrain. These shock absorbers also have an anti-slip function so traction and control are always there no matter the weather.

Another key feature is the dual braking system with independent controls for the front and rear brakes. That makes it safer to ride and easier to prevent accidents.

Razor EcoSmart Metro

Next on the list is another Razor scooter, one of the most stylish on this list: the EcoSmart Metro. If you’re looking for a scooter that looks more old-fashioned but performs like a modern scooter this little one is for you.

Don’t be fooled, though. Just because it looks cute and stylish doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a great deal of power.

Like many of the Razor scooters, this EcoSmart is a very quiet electric scooter.  The chain-driven motor provides efficiency with power. The throttle is a twist-grip on the ride side of the handlebars, with the hand-operated brake lever on the left. The only brake functions for the rear tire which helps with stability and security in stopping.

The deck is covered in bamboo material which sets this electric scooter apart from the rest.  Check out the addition of a luggage rack and basket that makes it the perfect little scooter to run errands with in the neighborhood. There literally isn’t anything else like it on the market.

The specs are also highly competitive with other seated scooters. The top speed is 18 mph and the range after a charge is up to 40 minutes of continuous use.  The tires are similar to a bicycle with their 16″ diameter and that may appeal to someone transitioning from a bicycle.

The handlebars and the seat are adjustable so the rider can adjust the scooter to fit their exact height to make it as comfortable a ride as possible. With the padded seat, you can ride on this scooter without the normal physical fatigue that some may feel on a scooter.

The two Razor scooters are this list are so fairly close to each in terms of specs that it really boils down to what your aesthetic preference is as well as the price.

Razor E300S

Razor has been well known to scooter enthusiasts for years and the E300S is one of their most powerful and advanced scooters on the market. With a Razor scooter, you know you’re getting great quality at a very competitive price.

While this can be used as a commuter scooter, I also feel this is a fantastic electric scooter for seniors. If you’re living in a little retirement community, how much attention would you get jetting around in this futuristic-looking little scooter?

Not only that, but it’s super quiet so as not to anger the neighbors! The chain-driven motor (as long as it’s kept clean and oiled) is one of the quietest motors on the market.

However, don’t feel as if the E300 is just a little ole scooter for grandma. This little powerhouse has the ability to get up to 15 mph and 40 minutes of continuous use! With a hand-twist throttle and the other hand controlling the rear brake with a lever, this is a scooter requiring some good hand strength and a bit of coordination.

The tires are nice and wide at 10″ which helps makes for a nice smooth ride. Again, this will help with stability and a sense of security when riding this scooter.

One of the really nice features about this scooter is how it’s designed for riders that are a little larger than the norm. With a larger deck than normal, this scooter is for those that want to ride a scooter but physically can’t on a smaller standing scooter. It also holds riders up to 220 lbs.

Charging the scooter takes longer than some scooters, with a recharge time that could take up to 12 hours. This is a scooter that should be charged overnight after a day’s use for sure.

NanRobot D4+ Seated Scooter

The NanRobot is a beast of an electric scooter. With 2 – 1000W motors, each controlling a wheel, allows for unbelievable speed and power. If you’re wanting to push the limits of what an electric scooter can do, then the NanRobot may be for you.

With a max speed of 40 mph, this scooter will get you where you want to go and fast. One might thing with a speed this great, the tradeoff will be with endurance. Happily, this is not the case! This scooter can travel for distances of up to 45 miles!

The performance of this amazing scooter comes down to having one of the best batteries in the business, a 52V 23AH lithium battery. Not only is this a very powerful battery, but the charging time is only 3 hours. This is easily the kind of scooter that could be used by someone living far away from work.  They drive to work, charge the scooter while at work, and then drive it home. Perfect for a sunny summer’s day!

The tires are 10″, smaller than most of the tires on this list, but that’s also part of why it can go so fast. There’s also dual disc brakes and a double shock absorption suspension system that allows for both a safe and smooth ride!

How about the idea of charging your phone while you ride? There’s an actual USB port on the handlebars that will allow you to do that, although this will decrease your riding range by taking power from the scooter.

Uberscoot 1600

Uberscoot 1600

The seat is super comfortable but, just in case you don’t want it, you can remove it at any time and convert the scooter into a standing one.

If standing on a long commute isn’t appealing to you, the UberScoot 1600 could be just the ticket for a smooth, easy ride to work or school. The scooter can be used in a number of ways due to the 1600 watts of pure power. With the ability to carry someone up to 265 lbs, this scooter can still reach speeds up to 24 mph!! The throttle is a twist handle on the handlebars so it allows for smooth and easily control.

Unfortunately for a scooter that powerful, it can only reach a maximum distance of up to 14 miles on one charge. It probably has something to do with the heavy nature of the scooter itself. Built from high-grade steel, this behemoth weighs over 100 lbs just in itself. With a scooter that large, you should have a garage or other storage area that you can keep the scooter when you’re not riding it. You won’t want this beauty to be out exposed in the weather and to the public.

The one good thing that helps mitigate this distance restriction is the “economy mode” that you can shift the scooter into that resembles a cruise control mode. The economy mode puts a restriction on the motor so that it won’t be able to drive as fast. Slowing things down will improve the mileage.

When you do get this scooter out on the road, you will find one very smooth ride. Not only that, but you can also take this scooter off the road as well! Because of the 11.5″ knobby tires that can drive through environments like dirt and sand, this scooter can travel in environments that most scooters can not.

One nice feature that helps with this off-road riding is the front “Cam-Link” suspension and the adjustable rear twin-shock suspension system. With independent front and back systems, this scooter has one of the smoothest rides you could ever expect.

There are dual disc brakes on this bad boy, and you’re going to need both of them for a safe and quick stop. Disc brakes are highly responsive and the benefit of having both front and rear brakes ensures stability and control when braking.

Despite the large size of this scooter, it does fold rapidly and easily with a one-touch lever. You are able to fold it and bring it inside (just don’t take it up steps unless you’re a powerlifter).

There’s a nice LED headlight that makes it much easier to ride in poor visibility. Also, a very large nice rear light for braking. Thankfully they installed larger lights that match the larger form of this scooter.

There is a key ignition which provides a nice level of security. Just make sure you don’t lose the key!

If the price of this UberScooter is too much for you, check out the Uberscoot 1000 which is a less-expensive, lower-powered version of the 1600.

What To Do When You Buy A New Scooter

There are some basic things that you need to know when you bring a scooter into your life.

  • Assemble it correctly with the proper tools. This is not a time to make it “good enough.” Safety will be compromised if you don’t tighten bolts and screws properly.
  • Understand the proper charging procedure. Know what the maximum charging time will be. Most battery charging systems will recommend no longer than 12 hours in order to not damage the battery. Make sure you follow the proper protocol with charging as well. Don’t leave the house while the battery is charging. While rare, battery charging fires can happen.
  • Understand the basic maintenance that you will need to do on your scooter. Keep it clean. Keep it inside if possible. Nothing is worse than leaving an electric scooter open to all the elements over time. Know what kind of lubricant you should use on your chain to keep it working at peak efficiency.
  • Know when you should/shouldn’t ride! Don’t ride in the rain, snow, or through puddles. Only ride at night if you have a strong LED headlight, bright tail/brake lights, and maybe even add some extra deck lights for extra visibility (so others can see you).
  • Know the local traffic laws! Can you ride on the sidewalk or should you stay in the bike lanes? Can you ride in a neighborhood street?
  • Always think safety! Even if it’s a seated scooter, there are still plenty of chances to have accidents. At the very least, a well-fitted helmet is a must. If you’re riding one of these speedsters that can go above 25 mph, you should really think about a moped helmet to protect you against higher-speed accidents.


There are some great electric scooters that also come with seats in this article. They all have their outstanding features, and the one that fits you best should be the one you go with. However, always remember safety and knowing your local traffic laws when you ride your new scooter!

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