5 Essential Accessories For Your Electric Scooter

If you plan on utilizing your electric scooter on a regular basis, there are some simple upgrades that can help make your daily commute both safer and more fun.

Whether it’s finding the right helmet or installing turn lights on your scooter, here are 5 Essential Accessories that your electric scooter needs.

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Anyone on an electric scooter needs to wear a helmet. That’s just basic. You need a helmet to ride your bike on the street and you need a helmet for a scooter.

However, make sure that the helmet is rated for the type of riding that you plan on doing. If you have a scooter capable of going in excess of 15 mph, you’re going to need a better helmet than just a little foam one.

If you have a scooter capable of going over 30 mph, then you need to consider getting a helmet that would be good for motorcyclists.

Turn Lights

With an electric scooter usually having both its throttle and braking controls on the handlebar, you aren’t going to have free hands to signal turns. At least, not easily.

Some newer scooter models are now coming out already with turn lights already added, but many do not. You are going to have to add them yourself, or find a local scooter mechanic to do it for you.

The good news is that the light kit itself doesn’t have to cost too much. You can get a nice kit on Amazon fairly cheaply.

Cell Phone Holder

This is necessary only for those that need to use their phone for finding their way around or for someone who doesn’t have a secure pocket to keep their phone secured. Since electric scooters are great vehicles to deliver food, having your cell phone visible in front of you to help guide you to your destination is crucial.

There are also some electric scooters that come with a USB plug-in so that you can also charge your phone while you are riding.

I do not recommend at all using it as a speaker for your music or to do anything else with while riding. Keep your eyes on the road and your ears listening for everything around you.

Storage Bag

If your scooter usage will be coupled with additional modes of transportation (such as a bus or light rail) during the day, you might consider getting an easy-to-carry storage bag to help you cart it around.

Just make sure you measure the dimensions of your scooter so that it fits comfortably inside the bag.

Security Lock

You’ve made a big investment in your electric scooter and you don’t want to leave it unprotected on the sidewalk where anyone can just grab it. Despite the advent of some scooters have apps that “lock” the scooter and prevent it from working, it doesn’t prevent it from someone picking it up and leaving with it.


These are only a few of the basic accessories that you can get for your electric scooter to make your ride safer and more fun. Use this list to upgrade your commute into a fun, but practical ride!