Best Electric Motorcross Bikes For Kids – Reviews And Buying Guide

If your kid is begging you to buy them a dirt bike, you are likely already familiar with how popular they have become with kids over the past few years.

Dirt bikes are a ton of fun and can be ridden by kids at a very young age as long as they have a bike that is suited for their age and riding level and they wear all the proper protective gear.

When it comes to selecting a dirt bike for your kid, however, you may be stuck deciding between a gas-powered dirt bike and the newer electric, battery-powered dirt bikes. Obviously, on our site, we promote electric-powered bikes and scooters. They’re cheaper in the long run (no having to buy gas) and are very quiet.

We’ll get into many of the pros/cons of the different types of dirt bikes, but let’s first show you the ones that we rank as the best electric dirt bikes for your kid!

Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

Razor Electric Motorcross Bike


  • Max speed is 14 mph
  • Designed for riders 13 years and older
  • Max rider weight is 140 lbs
  • Battery life is up to 30 minutes

The Razor MX350 is a great starter electric motocross bike for a younger kid who isn’t quite sure yet as to how much they want to ride. With a battery life of less than 30 minutes, it’s not suitable for a kid who is already obsessed with riding and wants to be on the bike half the day.

That being said, this is a great starter bike for a younger kid who has mastered riding without training wheels and wants to take a bike off-road for some serious fun.

Burromax TT250 Electric Dirt Bike

Burromax Electric Motorcross Bike


  • Two speed settings: “Regular” for a lower, easier-to-manage speed and then “Sport” which maxes out at 14 mph
  • Riding range is 14 miles
  • Holds a rider up to 250 lbs
  • Keyed ignition allows parents to control when it’s used

For the more advanced kid motocross rider, this Burromax model is everything he/she could want! With a heavy-duty steel construction and full suspension, this electric motocross bike will ride like an adult one. Also, with a max rider weight that will carry most parents, it can be an adult bike.

This bike can grow with your child due to the heavy top-end weight capacity and telescopic front forks. Did you perhaps want to get it before your child is fully comfortable balancing on a bike? Don’t worry, there’s an optional training wheels accessory that will help your child stay safe while they build their skills and confidence!

Razor Dirt Rocket SX350 McGrath Electric Motocross Bike

Razor SX350 Electric Motorcross Bike


  • Max speed is up to 14 mph
  • Battery life is up to 30 minutes of continuous use
  • Max rider weight is 140 lbs

Is your kid obsessed with the King of Motocross, Jeremy McGrath and want to be just like him? This scaled-down version of his most popular dirt bike will be sure to fuel the imagination of any young dirt bike enthusiast!

SAY YEAH Electric Dirt Bike 24V500W 

Say Yeah Electric Motorcross Bike


  • 3 variable speeds, protected with a key lock so parents can control how fast their kids go: 5, 10, and 16 mph
  • Max rider weight of 150 lbs
  • Dual suspension
  • Dual disc brakes

This Say Yeah model electric dirt bike is a bit more speedy than the other dirt bikes mentioned in this list. Thankfully, it has the added brake power and suspension to make any ride more comfortable and safe.

With the variable speed lock, a parent can restrict their little riders to a certain speed limit while they are getting the hang of riding. Once they’re more experienced and agile, the 16 mph is going to feel like they’re racing the wind!

What Age Is A Child Ready For An Electric Dirt Bike?

This depends entirely on your child’s ability to balance and handle a dirt bike of this size. First they should be able to ride a regular bike without training wheels.

The controls are on the handlebar with a twist throttle and a lever brake so they should be comfortable with how to speed up and slow themselves down.

Make sure to pick an appropriately-suited dirt bike for them. There are models that come with training wheels and that are slower. The models on this list are for the more advanced, adventurous rider. I’ve seen a four-year-old tear around his large backyard with one of these, but I’ve also seen kids that are six years old that still can’t ride a bike.

What Protective Gear Should My Children Wear While On A Dirt Bike?

For safety, the most important gear a child rider should wear should at the very least include a properly-fitted helmet and a good pair of bike boots.

A helmet is something that should never be bought online. As the single most important piece of safety gear, the fit needs to be tested before purchase. At the store put the helmet on your child’s head and have them shake their head all around before strapping it down. If the helmet is super loose and wiggly, get a smaller helmet. Be sure to utilize the sales rep at the store to make sure you buy the right helmet.

Boots can be bought online but they need to be a special type of protective boot intended for those riding dirt bikes. You can’t just use a pair of cowboy boots. They need to be crush-resistant and protect the foot in even the worst of crashes.

The best boots online are either the ones from O’Neal or the racing boots from Fly Racing.

Other safety equipment that we recommend for child riders include a chest protector, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, jersey, and pants.

A good chest protector like this one from Fox Racing will be both comfortable to the child rider but also easy for them to get on and off.

Elbow pads and knee pads should be comfortable and can be used for multiple years as long as the child doesn’t grow too large too quickly.

A good pair of riding gloves will protect the fingers and hands from abrasions and cuts while riding.

While a jersey is not mandatory (you could have your child simply wear a long-sleeved t-shirt while riding to protect against abrasions and cuts), a proper racing jersey is sturdy enough to hold up to many, many hours of dirt bike riding and dirt bike falling.

The same goes with dirt bike pants. You can certainly wear jeans or other thick, protective pants while riding, but specialized racing pants are built with riding in mind. Breathable but still sturdy to hold up to the kind of wear and tear you will endure while riding.

Why Electric Vs Gasoline-Powered?

Electric-powered motocross bikes have several advantages over their gasoline-powered brethren:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No gas costs
  • Also no oil changes
  • Cleaner in general – no oil or gas leaks
  • Quieter
  • More economical via less maintenance and fuel costs

In Conclusion

Electric motocross bikes are a great way to kids to exercise their adventurous sides. The future is moving away from gasoline-powered vehicles, so an investment in an electric motocross bike is something that your child can enjoy for years.

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