E-Cub 1.0 and 2.0 Review – Shanghai Customs

Did you know that Honda once made the most sold motorbike in the history of motorcycles with the Honda Supercub? Did you also know that a Chinese company has taken the inspiration from that popular model and designed a gorgeous retro-styled electric version?

Let me introduce you to the E-Cub!!

The E-Cub From Shanghai Customs

History of the Supercub

Beginning in 1958, this legendary motorcycle was popular, trendy, and everywhere. Over 100 million of them were sold in their history, and even today you can still find the popular bike around the world.

Building off of this popular model, Shanghai Customs has now released an electric version of the Supercub. Tired of waiting on Honda to make an updated version, this Chinese company took advantage of the popularity of the Supercub to release a newer, sleeker, and more modern version.

**Note: Honda has finally released a new Supercub! Check out the 2019 SuperCub C125 Here**

Much of the evolution to an electrified Supercub is due to changing times and regulations in China, but the entire world is going to benefit from this gorgeous revival.

E-Cub Specs

  • Speed up to 30 mph
  • Range up to 30 miles
  • 18-inch tires!
  • LED headlight, brake lights, and blinker lights
  • Wiring is completely hidden
  • Motorcycle-style throttle on the handlebar
  • Price: $3,999

How can you get your hands on one of these beauties? Check out Shanghai Customs here for information on how to buy one!

E-Cub 2.0??

However, even better than that, they’ve now released an updated version called the E-Cub 2.0!!

E-Cub 2.0

Shanghai Customs has come out with a newer edition of the E-Cub called the E-Cub 2.0! This more urban-friendly e-bike was designed for the needs of the commuter.

Over 40 lbs lighter than its previous version, the 2.0 also has knobbier tires for better traction in tougher terrain as well as a much further riding range. They scaled down the power (literally half the wattage of the 1.0) and speed on this bike in order to maximize the distance a commuter could drive. This puts it in line with the abilities of many of the seated e-scooters on the market right now.

What I really love about this e-bike is that Shanghai Customs takes requests for custom paint jobs so each bike could truly be individualized.

E-Cub 2.0 Specifications

  • Speed up to 15 mph
  • Range up to 50 miles
  • Charge time of 4 hours
  • Price: $3,999 (shipped from China via Shopify)

Conversion Kits

If you have an old Honda Supercub, you can purchase a conversion kit from Shanghai Customs to modify it into this new e-bike!!

There are instructional videos on the website to help you and customer service can also answer questions you may have during the assembly. You can also check out their Community Boards for additional help if you run into problems.

What’s even better is that Shanghai Customs encourages individuality and unique customization of these conversions. They want you to reach out to them to help you achieve your E-Cub dreams!!

In Conclusion

These E-Cub bikes are unique on the scooter market for their history and their look. I am definitely looking into acquiring one of these 2.0 models in the future unless a newer, even better, model comes out soon.

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