GoPlus Electric Scooter Review

GoPlus has been known for a series of kick scooters but now they have released a new electric scooter onto the market. With GoPlus you’re getting great customer service and a good track record of quality scooters.

A unique folding system converts this standing scooter into a seated scooter with dual pedals on either side of the front wheel. This presents a more comfortable ride for many people and gives the rider two scooters for the price of one.

This is also a lightweight scooter at just 31 lbs. This could be a great electric scooter option for the older adult that wants the convenience of a standing electric scooter but who might need to sit down occasionally on it as well.


Max Speed: 15.5 mph

Max Range: Up to 12.5 miles (kick off manual start, then the motor keeps you going)

Can It Climb Hills? Yes up to 15 degrees

Does It Fold? Yes

Does It Come With A Seat? Yes

Braking System: Dual braking with a push-button front brake on the handlebar and a rear wheel fender braking system

How Long To Charge? 4-6 hours

How Much Does It Weigh? 31 lbs

How Much Can The Rider Weigh? Up to 221 lbs

Come With Lights? Yes, headlight and running lights

Shock Absorbers? Yes

Okay, how much? $559.99 on Amazon

What Sets This Scooter Apart?

  • Can play music via a bluetooth connection to your phone
  • USB connection on the stem
  • Comfortable seat incorporated into the scooter so that it literally “transforms” in a few seconds from a standing scooter into a very comfortable seated scooter.

Who Is This Scooter Perfect For?

There are many electric scooters on the market that have similar specs when it comes to speed/riding range and at a cheaper price.

The person that buys this scooter will buy it for the integrated seating option. Perhaps there’s mobility issues and they don’t want to actually get a larger, more bulky, traditional mobility scooter. Being lightweight enough for most people to take it up some stairs helps this scooter

What if I want to spend less money? Check out the GoTrax GXL Scooter

What if I can afford to buy a better scooter? Then look at the NanRobot D3 which has a standing and a seated model.

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