How Fast Can An Electric Scooter Go?

In the quest to find the cheapest, most economical form of personal transport, many folks have turned to looking at electric scooters. However, if you want to use one as a way to commute to work or school, you’re very concerned with how fast an electric scooter can actually go.

The research shows that many affordable electric scooters will reach 15-20 mph but the fastest electric scooter can top out at 60 mph.

Which Electric Scooter is the Fastest?

Without a doubt, the most powerful and fastest electric scooter we’ve been able to find on the market is the Qiewa QPower!

Qiewa Qpower

This beast is powered by 2 1600 watt motors which enables it to not only reach speeds up to 60 mph (980 kmh) but it’s also an off-road driving force!

The 11-inch tires allow for the durability and protection you need when you need to take it off-road onto a gravel or dirt road. This is the kind of commuting scooter that cuts minutes off of your commute because you literally can stay off of the car-filled city streets and travel on less congested trails and paths.

The only downside is the price tag for a powerful scooter like this one. Currenlty on Amazon, it’s listed for around $2,100. They do have payment plans. If you want the fastest and most powerful electric scooter on the market, it’s there.

What Is The Average Speed Of A More Affordable Electric Scooter?

So maybe the Qpower is a bit out of your price range. You don’t need that much power, but you would like some decent speed to get you where you need to be quickly.

Hiboy S2 18 $429
Gotrax GXLV2 15.5$298
Nanrobot X4 20$579
NanRobot D4+40$1,199

Here’s a list of four of the most popular commuting electric scooters with their top speed and prices listed.

As you can see, you pay for the increased speed. The motor wattage, materials used to construct the frame, and batter power all contribute to the speed of an electric scooter.

How Can I Maximize Speed From An Electric Scooter?

Maximum speed is not always a guarantee of how fast you can get your scooter to go. There are many factors that can affect the top speed of your scooter:

  • Weight of the rider
  • Incline/decline of the riding surface
  • Smoothness of the riding surface
  • Battery power
  • Battery age
  • Damaged tires

Let’s look at some tips on how you can maximize your speed!

  1. Pay attention to the maximum rider weight listed for your scooter. If your scooter can only reliably carry a person weighing 240 lbs and you weigh 280 lbs, you are never going to achieve the max speed. Your scooter simply doesn’t have the power needed to do that.
  2. Be mindful that if you’re right at (or just below) the recommended max rider weight the above statement applies. You want to make sure that the scooter you buy has more than enough power to get you where you need to go quickly. Don’t overburden it by giving it too much load to carry.
  3. Keep your scooter properly maintained! Keep it clean and keep it dry (unless it says its waterproof, but even then dry it off when you get home every day). Check your wiring connections and any bolts for looseness regularly. Our handy guide on Repairing and Maintaining An Electric Scooter can give you more info!
  4. Keep your battery charged! There’s nothing worse than running out of charge on a battery when you’re halfway to school or work on your electric scooter. Plug in and charge that battery after every use. Unlike some things like cell phones, electric scooter batteries are meant to be charged frequently. As long as you unplug the charger within 10-12 hours of hooking it up, you won’t damage the battery and you’ll ensure a solid riding time.
  5. Replace your battery if you need to! If you’ve had your battery for quite a while and you’ve ridden your scooter frequently, there will come a time when the battery needs to be replaced. The owner’s manual for your scooter should tell you roughly how many charging cycles the battery can take. If it seems like your battery is losing charge too quickly or doesn’t keep a charge, contact customer support for your electric scooter manufacturer.
  6. Tire maintenance is critical!! Unless your scooter has the guaranteed “no-pop” label, your tires can become worn and damaged to the point where it significantly lowers your commute speed. Check the tires every day for any objects lodged. If your tires are air-filled, you can use a common tire pressure gauge to make sure the pressures are where they need to be. Want to prevent a flat in an air-filled tire? Use Slime!

How To Stay Safe When Going Really Fast On An Electric Scooter

It seems like almost every day we hear about fatal electric scooter accidents all across the globe. Many of these accidents occur when a rider is hit (or hits) a car or a truck. Fault can be attributed to either the scooter rider or the driver of the motor vehicle.

Until national or global statistics are accurate on the rate of injury or death (factoring in the total number of electric scooter riders), it’s hard to know just how dangerous it is on an electric scooter versus a bicycle or skateboard.

That being said, you should absolutely take every ride on an electric scooter as seriously as possible. Scooters have a small visible profile on a sidewalk or street and may be hard to see for some folks in cars.

If you’re renting an electric scooter and have little experience on one, you should only do so if you are planning to go slow and be extra cautious. While it’s ideal to always wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter, rarely is there an opportunity to rent a helmet at the time you are renting a scooter (especially if the rental scooter is at a location away from any stores or kiosks).

GLX Helmet

If you own a particular fast electric scooter, you absolutely need to wear a very strong and protective helmet that’s reflective of the kind of speeds you plan on riding. Let’s look at a few helmets to illustrate this issue:

  • Turboske – Good for lower speeds of up to 15 mph; primarily labeled for skateboards
  • Nutcase – Good for up to about 30 mph because it’s rated for bicycles
  • GLX Street Cruiser – Best for the super fast scooters because it’s rated for motorcyclists and has a visor to help with wind and debris

In Conclusion

Electric scooters have become faster and more powerful and these factors will continue to improve every year. Thankfully, there are fast electric scooters for every price range, but you’ll have to pay a lot more to get to speeds rivaling motorcycles.

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