How To Upgrade An Electric Scooter

If you already own an electric scooter but find your current specifications aren’t to your liking, there inevitably comes the question: can I upgrade some of the parts on my scooter to make it faster/ride longer?

While it’s not as easily interchangeable as a computer, most electric scooters have the capacity to switch out components.

Still, you might ask the question…is it better to upgrade what I currently have or should I get something new that’s so much better?

What Likely Needs Upgrading On An Electric Scooter?

There are 3 main specifications of a scooter that I’d look at upgrading:

  • Overall maximum speed
  • Total riding distance
  • Aesthetic and safety options such as lights and turning signals

The great thing about the first two areas is that they usually can both be upgraded simply by upgrading the battery or adding a second battery.

If they make a battery that’s the same physical dimensions as your current scooter battery, then you can upgrade by simply selecting a larger voltage. For instance, upgrading from a 24v to a 36v will give you a sizeable increase in driving distance and speed.

There’s also a great option where you can make your own battery booster with cheap components. The step-by-step instructional video can be found here.

Safety options such as lights and turn signals can be added onto most existing electrical systems, especially if there are already lights on the scooter.

Even if there aren’t lights currently on your scooter, adding lights and turn signals is still an option. If you’re comfortable with electrical wiring diagrams, then you can attempt an upgrade utilizing a guide such as this one on Electric Scooter Parts.

However, as most of the electrical additions require some sort of new access to the battery pack that would result in changes to the chassis (such as attaching a mounting bracket or drilling holes to get access for the wires to the battery), I highly recommend utilizing a professional to do this work for you.

You should be able to find a local scooter mechanic in a bike store or motorcycle store that can do this job safely.

The other option is simply installing new lights that have their own battery power supply and don’t need to rely on your battery for the juice. The graphic below shows just how easy it is to install a new headlight on an electric scooter when you don’t want to mess with the battery.

How Much Will Upgrading Cost?

Electrical parts for most upgrades will cost you less than $50. A set of turn signals can be found on Amazon for less than $20. Headlights can be found for under $20 but you can find more expensive ones with more features.

Purchasing a second battery or an upgraded battery will be the most expensive upgrade options. The cost will completely depend on the scooter battery that’s already installed. However, most batteries can be obtained for under $50.

What About Upgrading A Used Scooter Purchase?

Absolutely!! That’s certainly an option. If you’re comfortable with the specifics and maintenance of electric scooters, then purchasing a used electric scooter and upgrading it is a great option.

If you’re more curious about purchasing a used scooter, check out our article on Where To Purchase A Used Electric Scooter.

Better yet, Should You Even Purchase A Used Scooter?

Should I Just Purchase A New Electric Scooter Instead Of Upgrading?

With electric scooters becoming faster, lighter, and more durable with many great new features, your best upgrade choice may just be a new scooter.

There are a number of great options available for under $500. Check out the article we did on Great Adult Scooters Under $500 .

For comparison, check out the very best electric scooters on the market today.


There are definitely upgrade options when it comes to electric scooters. You don’t have to feel stuck with what you currently have. However, you might want to consider upgrading to a brand new electric scooter if you can afford it simply because of the vastly improved quality over the past few years.

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