Inboard’s New “Glider” Electric Scooter A Game Changer

** As of April, 2019, Inboard has decided to offer this particular scooter only as part of a shared fleet. They are refunding the deposits that potential customers have already made immediately. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed as I was considering getting this particular scooter this year.

For more information, check out this article. In the meantime, I’m still going to keep this review up on the site.


The electric scooter market is still relatively young, but the new Inboard electric scooter is definitely a step ahead of the crowd. With some incredible new design features, this electric scooter could soon become the most popular scooter on the market.

It says it right on the website:

The Glider is the confluence of our hardware mastery, our software expertise, and our never-ending ambition to provide smarter urban transportation.

Inboard has been known for electric skateboard technology that raised the game in electric skateboards. Now they are bringing some of that innovation and ingenuity to the world of electric scooters in a way that will challenge the pack.

Ground-Breaking Specifications

The first thing that truly stands out on this Glider scooter is the interchangeable batteries. Small and easily carried within your backpack, each battery lasts for roughly 12 miles. Charging can be done without removing the battery from the scooter and can be fully completed within 3 hours.

The 750 watt motor is also ahead of the game. That kind of power translates to almost 22 mph on smooth roads. Not only that, but the fact that it is located in the rear wheel hub means a smoother acceleration.  That acceleration can also get up a 15% grade at a speed up to 10 mph while carrying a rider up to 220 lbs. Find me another electric scooter with that kind of power.

There are 3 speed modes on the scooter:

  • Eco (0-5 mph)
  • Tour (0-14 mph)
  • Performance (up to 22 mph)

The deck is only 3″ off the ground. No other electric scooter has a deck that is lower than the axis of the tires. This translates to a greater stability for the rider.

Comfortable ride? How about 10″ pneumatic tires with dual suspension that includes a coiled rear suspension? Very few electric scooters can possibly offer a ride this smooth.

When you’re on a scooter, being visible to others is imperative to staying safe. While some scooters might have a headlight or even a brake light, the Glider goes above and beyond with 4 separate lights. There’s a high-contrast LED headlight, two under-deck lights (one in the front and the other in the back that doubles as brake lights), and finally a set of turn signals. Remind me which other electric scooters have so many lights? That’s right – there are none.

It’s also foldable, with a one-touch operation of the steering arm down to the deck. With the scooter weighing only 35 lbs, it’s easy to fold to carry up the stairs or onto a bus.

Innovative Integrated App

The phone app for the Glider contains features both fun and practical. Stay in constant contact with technical support and be open to receive performance upgrades for the firmware remotely via the app.

On the practical side, the Glider scooter can also be locked with an alarm that is set by the app. It can also alert you to any malfunctions with the scooter and let you know when maintenance is due.

All of the lights are controlled by the app as well. One of the more innovative features is the ability to receive real-time traffic news on your local community with recommendation for scooter-safe routes nearby.

There’s a dual braking system that incorporates regenerative braking as well as a mechanical brake.

Inboard Wants To Power Your Fleet Of Scooters

Inboard has not been shy about wanting the Glider to become the staple electric scooter for fleets of scooters across the country. They are marketing to businesses, schools, and other similar groups to become the most trusted name in rental scooters.

With a price tag of reportedly $999, it begs the question of who will pony up the money required for this kind of investment. Certainly companies like Google and Apple could provide a scooter fleet this pricey, but not many others could (or would).

Still, they do have certain design advantages over other rental scooters currently on the market with Lime and Bird. These scooters will come with interchangeable batteries, making low charged scooters a relic of the past. A company could simply offer a battery exchange kiosk for its workers to continually supply the scooters with power.

They also come with multiple LED lights for safety at night and in rough conditions. The perfect scooter for those that work at all hours of the night.


This is a great scooter for the adult professional wanting a powerful, reliable, stylish form of personal transportation. Consider it the Lexus sedan of scooters. If you want one, you’d better sign up for one now. They go quick.

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