NanRobot D3 Electric Scooter Review

NANROBOT has come out with the latest version of their amazing electric scooter line this summer and it’s better than ever! The D3 is the electric scooter for any need and any situation!

If you’ve seen the prior versions of the NanRobot (the D4 or the ), then you know that you can expect top-quality materials combined to provide a powerful and smooth riding experience.


Max Speed: 28 mph

Max Riding Range: 43 miles

Can It Climb Hills?

Does It Fold? Yes

Does It Come With A Seat? There is a seated model.

Braking System: Front and rear disc brakes

How Long To Charge? 6-10 hours

How Much Does It Weigh? 50 lbs

How Much Does The Rider Weigh? Up to 264 lbs

Come With Lights? One light just above the front wheel

Shock Absorption? Double shock absorption

How Much? $950 on Amazon

What Sets This Scooter Apart?

Knobby wheels and increased power will allow a wider range of surfaces to utilize this scooter. One of the best riding ranges of any scooter in this price range as well as a great top-line speed.

Who Is This Scooter Perfect For?

Someone who can afford it and wants to have an all-purpose durable scooter for the next 2-3 years. There won’t be anything on the market that will have these kind of specs in the next few years that will be markedly cheaper.

What if I want to spend less money? The Glion Dolly is for you.

What if I can afford to buy a better scooter? Look at the monstrous D5!!

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