Segway Ninebot Electric KickScooter Review

For the recreational rider looking for a bit more juice and fun, this Segway Ninebot ES2 model is the electric scooter you’re looking for.

A sleek and modern design that is both durable and attractive, this scooter is light enough for almost any adult to carry. That makes it much easier for those having to carry it up into a dorm or apartment.


Max Speed: 15.5 mph

Max Riding Range: 15.5 miles

Can It Climb Hills? 10% max slope

Does It Fold? Yes

Does It Come With A Seat? No

Lights? LED front and rear lights

Braking System: ABS provided by dual electric and mechanical braking systems

How Long To Charge? 3.5 hours

What Does It Weigh? 27.6 lbs

How Much Can The Rider Weigh? 220 lbs

Suspension System: Front and rear systems

What Sets This Scooter Apart? Quality product from a well-known company in the electric vehicle market. Extra additional external battery increases the speed up to 18.6 mph and the riding range up to 28 miles. Bluetooth connectivity provides upgrades to the firmware.

Who Is This Scooter Perfect For? Someone looking for a lighter-weight electric scooter that they can use reliably for work or school

What If I Want To Spend Less Money? GoTrax GXL V2

What If I Can Afford To Buy A Better Scooter? NanRobot D5+

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