Tomoloo L1 Is The Best Adult Electric Scooter in 2019

I’ve been researching Electric Scooters for quite a while, and I’ve yet to find one that has as many awesome features as the Tomoloo Adult electric scooter aka the Dream Explorer K1!! This should be the only scooter that you will ever need! At $469 currently on Amazon, this scooter is a great deal for the amount of class that it will give to your commute. Everyone else can show up to class or work on a boring old standard electric scooter or bicycle. When you pull up with the under-deck lights flashing and stylish frame, everyone else will be gawking and wondering how they can get one of these for themselves!

For most people who have been introduced to electric scooters in the past few years, you’ve probably ridden a standard electric scooter that doesn’t come with a lot of extras. If you’re ready to move up in the world of electric scooters and purchase one that will be classy, durable, and as safe as any scooter on today’s market, then the Tomoloo L1 Dream Explorer is for you!

Basic Specs Of The Dream Explorer

  • 500 Watts of power
  • Top speed is 15 mph (25 kph)
  • Maximum distance on one charge is 15 miles (25 km)
  • Capable of pulling scooter and rider up to a maximum incline of 14%
  • Can hold a rider up to 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Height range of rider: 4′ – 6.5′ (120 – 200 cms)
  • Weighs 28 lbs so not too heavy to carry up a flight of stairs
  • Folds up into space of 47″ x 21″ x 19″
  • Fully charged in 4-6 hours

Versatility For Many Riders

Because of the wide variance in rider height (4 – 6.5 ft), this electric scooter is rated for adults but could easily be used by a responsible teenager. In fact, this is exactly the kind of electric scooter that your child could use before, during, and after college as he/she grows.  It has the coolness factor that makes younger kids want to use it. Then it has all the great safety features and power that make it a great choice for a college student. Finally, for the post-college urban commuter, this scooter looks classy and modern when compared to so many other scooters on the market.
Far cheaper than a car, this scooter will also allow you to arrive at class or your work on time and without having broken a sweat. Fold it up to carry into your home or office and charge it while you go about your day.

The Look

The Tomoloo has a highly unique look that starts up top with its imitation leather handlebars. The leather look gives the scooter an upper-class look, without the upper class price. It’s not only the look, either…the handlebars also feel like imitation leather as well, giving a comfortable and secure grip to the rider.

Speed, along with power and gear selection can be seen clearly on the digital smart dashboard. One quick touch on the dash allows for quick, seamless changing of gears.

The overall composition of the scooter is one that screams high-tech and quality construction. The frame utilizes integrated molding (a combination of extrusion, die casting, and using robots to seamlessly weld the composites) to provide a scooter that is both durable and beautiful. It’s resistant to deformation, impact, and compression.

Amazing Integrated Phone App

You will definitely want to use the phone app that comes with this Tomoloo electric scooter.  One of the most amazing features is an auto-analysis of the scooter system, ensuring that you’ll have a safe and smooth ride even before you start it up.

You can also control other aspects of the scooter like coloration of the lights, updating any system software, and logging your mileage.  The more you use the app along with the scooter, the better and smarter the scooter gets. Set up a cruise speeding setting to make your ride even more relaxing.

Dual Braking System

Most electric scooters will have a single rear brake which does not allow for smooth, controlled braking at times when going fast. The Tomoloo scooter has a dual braking system that operates independently of each other.

Having a dual braking system allows for the rider to more effectively control their speed, especially when a quick stop is required. They also contain anti-lock technology. If both brakes were linked to a single system (such as both being disc brakes), the tendency to over-brake would result in either skidding with the scooter, or such a violent stop that the rider is thrown.

The front brake is an electronic brake with regenerative abilities. Using the front brake will actually supply power back to the battery. while the rear brake is a more standard disc brake. The rear brake is responsible for most of the quick braking that needs to be done in city conditions and so a disc brake is utilized there.

Remember, though, these brakes are great and advanced but they can’t overcome the laws of physics. If you’re riding down a hill at faster-than-intended speeds or you’re riding in the rain, these brakes will not work the way that you want them to.

Many Lighting Options

On most electric scooters, you’re fortunate if your scooter comes with a headlight. Many lower-end scooters come with no lights at all. The Tomoloo electric scooter has three different lights that you can modify.

The LED headlight is strong and helps to see the path ahead in even the darkest conditions. You can actually modify the strength of this light using the app. The rear brake light stands out and keeps the rider safe when on paths and roads at night or during the day. Finally, the under-deck lights (also called atmosphere lights) are fully controllable by the phone app, with a ridiculous number of color combinations to choose.

Basically, you won’t need to add any additional lighting features with this Tomoloo electric scooter. It has everything you need in that department.

Unique And Powerful Battery

The lithium ternary battery is not only powerful, but exhibits a slow decay and can be ridden up to 15,000 km before a battery change is needed. This is way longer than the vast majority of batteries used in electric scooters right now.

It also comes with some basic protections against over- and under-charging, short-circuiting, and temperature warnings.  That’s by far above the basic standard for electric scooter batteries.

What Makes This The Best Scooter On The Market In 2019?

  • One-touch gear controls that allow seamless shifting when more power is needed
  • Classy overall look that sets it apart from the competition
  • Solid basic specs such as 15 mph max speed and 15 mile distance on one charge that compares well with all other foldable scooters
  • Dual braking system that provides for more controlled braking, helping the rider to stay safe and in charge of the scooter
  • Multiple lights that come standard with this model, including under-deck lighting


The bottom line is that you can’t get a more powerful, versatile, and classy electric scooter than the Tomoloo Adult Electric Scooter.  This is an electric scooter that has specs that will hold up for a very long time no matter what new models come out on the market.

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